Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Great excitement at Grand Apt Hotel.

There was lots of excitement at the hotel this morning. The arrival of a new small monument to the Buddha. It is quite lovely and stands on a new pedestal by the entrance to the hotel.

Made of teak its in the form of a miniature temple with working wooden shutters and doors, sitting in a garden of flowers and little trees. There are china horses and dogs and people in the garden, Buddha sitting on a throne and other people around including dancing girls and dogs. There are places for tiny dishes of food, offerings to the gods. The whole thing is only about 5 feet x 6 feet. It is already garlanded with gardenias and roses and swags of ribbons. In all a delightful addition to the hotel.

It will bring good health and good fortune to all who enter the hotel and the restaurant/bar/kareoke centre.

I hope that will include me although I already consider myself very fortunate to be here and not plowing through the snow in Toronto.


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