The Other Jamaica


Currently Jamaica is perceived as a fun/sun spot, popular with the younger crowd, relatively inexpensive, a one flight escape away from the cold of winter, but Jamaica has another side and unlike the dark side of the moon, its a side of tranquility, beauty and elegance, its JAMAICA THE OLDE WORLDE WAY.

Historically Jamaica is an old country. Discovered by Columbus in 1494 settled by the white man, the land groomed and nurtured by slaves for hundreds of years and under British Rule for over 250 years. Life on the Plantation, where homes were often modelled on the current style in England, was gentile and elegant.

Plantations conjure up visions of tropical trees, cool breezes, wide vistas and tall elegant pillars guarding a way of life where time stands still. Such a vision becomes reality when you stay at the Plantation Inn on the outskirts of Ocho Rios.

Situated on twin crescents of wavelet lapped beaches in acres of lush tropical foliage the Breakfast served on your own private balcony by a white uniformed waiter. Pink linens and blue and gold china, real Blue Mountain Coffee (did you know that only coffee grown within 12 miles of the top of the mountain can be called Blue Mountain Coffee) fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, pan fried local fish (or the usual eggs etc., American style breakfast) with only a visit from a hungry.....bird to disturb your peace. but the water beckons enticingly like the Greek sirens of old and soon you will find your self on the clean white beach or swimming out to a reef a hundred yards away to inspect the colourful array nature provides beneath the water there.

The hotel has all the amenities you would expect of a first class resort. Spacious cool rooms, comfortable beds, little touches like a welcoming planters punch served on your balcony, the complementary fruit basket and the fragrance sachet on your pillow at night.

Old colonial customs are still followed here. Elevenses, a cup of boullion served on the patio, afternoon tea with tiny crustless sandwiches, a biscuit and a piece of cake. Thank goodness dinner is not until 8.00 p.m.!

A TV lounge (do you really want to be brought back into reality?) Reading area with lots of magazines and bliss of bliss a traditional British Drawing room. A cool haven, furnished in an elegant formal way with vistas of the garden from the chintz framed windows.

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