Well I knew it was about time for a misadventure
So I get to the bus station in Seville and there are two very long slopes up to the main hall. Then along the slope down to the taxi rank.
A young man insisted on helping me - I knew it was going to cost me. I only had a 10€ bill and of course, he had no change.
The taxi took me to the address I had been given which was down a long dark deserted alley. Hmm rang the bell to no avail taxi needs to leave. Next door was a dusty old antique shop
With a really antique owner. No one speaks any English. I have no phone here. Finally, I produce a phone number and the kindly old man produced a phone and talked and talked to the number I gave him. Seems I had been given the wrong address. Another taxi was sent for and the dear old man pottered around in front of his shop until it came finally I am at my new apt . Met by a lady and a university daughter neither of whom speak a word of English. However, I am here The apt is lovely. They told me there were a few stairs (2 long flights before the elevator ) that won't be  coming in and out much haha
Anyway, I have made a cup of tea and tomorrow will go exploring.