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My first client in Costa Rica was in the capital of San Jose.  A beautiful city and a very interesting city.
The hotel building had been built for the Royal Bank but due to difficult circumstances the bank deal fell through and the two owners decided to turn it into a hotel.
They agreed that all the even-numbered floors would belong to one owner and all the odd-numbered floors
 would belong to his partner.
Unfortunately, the owners kept falling out and every time they fell out the owner of the even-numbered floors would take everything out of ‘his’ rooms.
He would take the doors off, take out all the furniture and fittings. bathtubs,  basins, everything. Then after a while, they would agree to disagree and everything would be replaced brand new
It was crazy!  However, there was a very good young manager who was very anxious to learn and he literally glued himself to my side for the six weeks  I was there.
A couple of years later I returned to Costa Rica to the beach and ran into him.  He was the manager of a lovely new 5-star hotel, due, he insisted to all he learned from me.
One thing about the hotel that was interesting was that it was a destination for women having cosmetic surgery. The receptionist spoke English reasonably well but insisted customers for surgery being a called SERGER clients.
Being a sewer the word serger had a totally different meaning to me! but On reflection maybe she wasn’t too far off.

 The hotel behind one of the many  statues on San Jose

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There are many beautiful churches in the city of San Jose

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Messages from visitors decorate the bar and restaurant

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The will to live!

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In the canopy if trees

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Watching the volcano

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Catching snapping turtles

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