While I was in Australia I heard about the world fiber festival that was going to happen in New Zealand.  I thought well that sounds like fun so I checked it out and I actually found a group of ladies in Wellington who were going to do a bus tour up to the Fibre Festival which was at the very top end of the island. I was able to get a cheap flight to New Zealand (which is always handy) and I stayed a couple of nights in a hotel in Wellington, did s a bit of sightseeing,  then joined the group of knitters and weavers for a week. They were an incredible group of women and so well organized for the journey.
It was to last a week and the drive from Wellington to the end of the island took probably no more than a day, we hopped from one side of the island to the other zigzagging back-and-forth visiting places of interest and gradually got to the destination, which is the end of the world and the beginning of the south sea in New Zealand.
We had to share a room with a different person each night and I made a lot of new friends.

 IMG 1805

Who knew sheep came in so many varieties?

IMG 1806

Some of the local natives

IMG 1808

Local batik

 IMG 1809 1

Fabric drying

IMG 1810

In many places, mail and supplies are delivered by boat

IMG 1811

 We went by boat too!

IMG 1812

Not all roads were paved. We got stuck in some quicksand and everyone had to help push!

IMG 1813IMG 1814

I went fishing!

IMG 1815


IMG 1816

A class or two

IMG 1817

And the winner was..