Lagos is a town in southern Portugal's Algarve region. It’s known for its walled old town, cliffs, and Atlantic beaches. Steep wooden steps lead to the sandy cove of Praia do Camilo. The nearby cliffs of Ponta de Piedade offer sweeping headland views and a lighthouse. Igreja de Santo António, an ornate 18th-century church, sits across from the Castelo dos Governadores, a castle with a baroque facade and watchtowers. Because I don't know my way around and the streets are narrow and poorly lit I take a taxi at night. Taxis here have an interesting pricing system. It's 80 cents for them to come to you. Unless you have a parcel. Then it's €1. 20. There is a flat charge of €3 25 for any distance up to 3 km. But after 9 pm and on weekends and holidays it's more. So going to the grocery store it was .80 pu but leaving the grocery store with one small bag pu was €1.20. The cabs are very clean and modern and all no smoking. Cab drivers all speak English. Some better than others. Another interesting thing here is that tipping is very minimal. 5% or less and is not really expected. Everyone is very particular about giving change to the last cent whereas in many places a big fuss is made about coin change and often you are lucky if you actually get it.

Meet Vladimir from Serbia. He has been my tour guide and my driver for the past 3 days. He owns a small tour Company in Faro and has been gracious enough to take me on some adventures even though he usually has a minimum of 2 passengers.
The first day he took me through the mountains and to some small artisan villages yesterday he took me to some markets and then over the border into Spain.
Today he brought me here via a fishing village I wanted to visit He helped me with my luggage at check-in and carried everything into my little apt and even put a few items away for me made sure the shutters and drapes opened properly and that I had everything I needed. He was a great help. I may call on his services again when I finally move to Spain.