It never ceases to amaze me how many professionals like to think that they can be restaurant and hotel owners.
A doctor in Vancouver Canada who owns a hotel in Jamaica, a lawyer who owns a Mexican restaurant in rural Ontario, and this instance was no exception.
 A businessman decided to build a huge nightclub in Davao City.  He knew absolutely nothing about nightclubs but a nightclub he was going to have.
He bought really high-end sound equipment etc and it was nicely furnished- and losing money heavily.
So when I showed up to try and figure things out I had a lot of work to do. fortunately for me I also had Chef Bryan Fordham working in the hotel I was staying in (also owned by the same person) and he was able to give me help on the actual food preparation and kitchen which is great!

 In a nightclub, apart from an admission fee, food and beverage sales are the biggest income providers so good service is paramount.
 l did a lot of work training staff but also creating bulk food and drink packages and teaching
sales techniques.
We bought glow sticks and gave them to the patrons so if they wanted service they could break one and waive it and a waitress would come scurrying around to attend to their needs.

One peculiar thing that it is really prolific in the Philippines, but at the time I didn’t realize it,  was the sign that you see in the picture below

“leave your guns at the door”

IMG 1681