I have worked in Jamaica for many years at JTB the Jamaican Tourist Board, helping quite a number of different hotels
one of the first hotels was in Ochas Rios where I was working with chef WILLY BRAND. He was an incredible character, very informative and everyone loved him.
He was Dutch so sometimes his sayings were a little bit different. On one particular day, he was demonstrating making puff pastry, and as we know Puff pastry has to be folded and left and folded again.

So he got all the students standing  around the table and made the first folds and everything and then he said “we now go in the cooler to rest”
 and I went for coffee and an hour later we came back and the pastry was a mound of the soggy mountain of butter and all the chefs were fast asleep in the cooler!

The major hotels had nightly entertainment so a group of artists would move around the island. I was particularly impressed by a young man called Huy Jay.  He had an amazing vocal range plus a great stage presence. I had been thinking about making a tourist video for a while and after meeting with the marketing dept of Appleton Rum formulated my plans.
The video was called “7 Steps to Reggie Dancing “.We shot Huy Jay singing at 7 major tourist spots.  The hotels wanted in but as hotel loyalty changed frequently I decided there would be no hotels. Here are some pictures that were taken during the shoot.

 IMG 2836

Rafting down the Rio Grande. Errol Flynn (who had a home in Jamaica)
Popularized this idyllic way to spend  a day in Jamaica  

IMG 2806

 Huy Jay

IMG 2837

Huy Jay performing at a hotel

IMG 2839

Figuring out a shoot at Duns River Falls

IMG 2818

In action at Duns River Falls

IMG 2841

Outside Rose Hall in Montego Bay

IMG 2842

 Walking through the sugar cane fields at Appleton Rum facility.

IMG 2843

 The train to Appleton Rum Estates stops halfway at a craft market.  Here you can select the fabric and a garment design and it will be ready for you to pick up on your way back  down

IMG 2847 (1)

IMG 2844

IMG 2845

IMG 2846

We shot at several beach locations