For the last ten years, the Udmurtia Republic and the city of Izhevsk have been trying to promote their region as a Tourism destination. While there is a growing interest in this region on the part of Russian and foreign tourists, the local tourism and hospitality industry required improvement in various areas, such as tourism promotion techniques and tools, service quality standards, and infrastructure. In this context, the Client has requested the assistance of a CESO VA to assess the operations and services of the local Tourism and hospitality inüustry and provide relevant training to the Client's staff.


  • the VA conducted a needs assessment of the local tourism and hospitality industry

  • provided assistance in creating vacation packages and marketing and strategic plan

  • provided recommendations on improving tourist promotion brochures and information booklets

  • visited various local attraction sites and provided recommendations on inCluding these attractions into the vacation packages

  • helped develop an action plan on the development of inbound tourism

  • conducted a semínar for the Client's employees. representatives of government entities, and various tour operators