Izhevsk is the capital city of western Russia’s Udmurt Republic. It’s known for the Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms, which displays weapons and documents the Russian arms trade. Close by, the interior of the gold-domed St. Michael’s Cathedral is decorated with colorful frescoes of saints. Near the huge Izhevsk Pond, Udmurt Republic Zoo is home to arctic foxes, Amur leopards, and polar bears

My driver for visiting the area. I was given the use of Dean's car with the driver.  he took me to the wonderful places of interest around, not just the city but the whole region. So many beautiful buildings and so many golden towers.

My birthday 25th of April and the staff and Dean of the University had dinner for me .it was a very joyous occasion with lots of Russian champagne and a nice way to spend my birthday so far away from home
A Group of students came to spend some time with me.
This is the interpreter that I spent the most time with her name was Galena and she was with me on that day
IMG 0868
One day we went to the small restaurant and it was full of people from the communist party.  They were very very strong communist believers.
Our conversation was very interesting but they were very kind to me and one of them even gave me a communist badge which I had to wear for a short time.
 it was interesting to hear their point of view