After spending an afternoon and evening without power, I thought I would take the time to post a note to all my friends outside of Ontario. We were without power from three-thirty in the afternoon until this morning when I woke up. The province of Ontario is in a state of emergency and so most people are getting an un-planning long weekend. It did make me realize just how much we depend on power to conducting our daily life. I could not buy anything from the local store as the interact machines did not work and the cash register is electric. I could not get money from the bank machine and I could not pump gas for my car. I did not want to open my refrigerator to let the cold out. This morning in spite of all my good efforts my milk was sour. I did not know what time it was - all my clocks are electric. However, it was fun to get together with a few neighbours and sit on the balcony and eat cold snacks and drink warm beer by candlelight. Looking over the city was Erie, everything so dark but the stars have never looked so bright. Neighbours who had a gas BBQ were offering to cook food and a spirited adventure prevailed. So I learned a few lessons. Always keep the car full of gas, have some spare cash, keep ice in the freezer and a spare stash of candles. Have a good flashlight and spare batteries and keep a sense of humor and adventure. As far as traveling is concerned, I have no plans at the moment. I am just enjoying summer in Toronto. However come to the cold weather - ask me again. We are having a sale of original art, posters, prints, books, CDs, and frames to raise money to develop a community theatre in my building. The items for sale will be posted on my website so do check back - who knows you may find that perfect gift or treasure