My contract with the University stated training in Public Relations so my core materials were on that subject. However, in my on-site discussion with the dean, It became apparent that Marketing was what they had in mind and as I had no core materials I really had to improvise. One day I asked all the girls to bring a lipstick And place it on the desk no Russian girls are very very labile conscious and it was interesting some of them proudly put forth a detour and their other famous brands some kind of hit the lipsticks from Avon and very popular there by the way I’m a hit them body behind her there and books and such and then I proceeded to explain to them that the only real difference was marketing that every lipstick was really basically made of the same stuff

In most Russian hotels you do not get your key in the lobby there is a key lady on every floor she is the guardian of the floor.
one day when I asked for my key and the lady said niet!  no! no! I said yes- she said no -I said yes - she said no.
Of course, my Russian is limited and her English also, so finally I went downstairs to the reception and they told me that I couldn’t have the key because I had stolen a towel!
Well, that was pretty ridiculous As the towels Are not exactly Canadian standard, then I remembered I had taken a towel and put it in the freezer To make a cold compress.
of course, they really could not understand why anyone would put a towel in the freezer and that took a bit of explaining!

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