I had an assignment in Bangalore India. En route, I had to stop in New Delhi and when I arrived there I was met with the news that my client was in jail for selling alcohol!
My booking agent said not to worry he would find me another client in a few days. I had always wanted to visit Nepal so I traded my Bangalore ticket for a flight to Katmandu.

Looking down during the flight I mentioned to the flight attendant that the view looked like the icing on a wedding cake “That Madam is Everest“ was her icy reply. Duly chastised I gazed in wonder at the sights below.
My small hotel was a collection of small cottages each with a wood stove for heat. Each night the maid placed a large pan of water on the stovetop to create humidity.
I walked and walked all over, took a couple of trips, and generally acted like the tourist I was. One day I was watching a machine embroiderer Create one-of-a-kind T-shirts, my camera dangling from my wrist only to find, when I looked down my camera has been snipped off. Sadly I lost all my photographs.