A girlfriend really wanted to go to Cuba but she didn't have a lot of money. Anyway, I agreed to go with her if she made arrangements and found a small cheap hotel.
We arrived at a really nice property, Well cared for, very clean, and a great pool. The next day we sat around the pool amongst a lot of beautiful-looking young women and not one man in sight.
I casually mentioned the lack of men to one young lady“Oh the customers only come at night,” she said, We were staying in a high-class brothel! We had booked and paid, so we stayed! It took a long time for that girlfriend to live that down though.

l took my teenage son to Cuba shortly after my divorce.  Things were in short supply at that time.

A B 52 was the in drink at the time and ge sornt hours at thr bar trying to convince the bar tender to make them, to no avail.  He also sang "One Ton of Melons "to a popular tune at that time.

He had his first diving lesson there.  Funny the things you remember from so long ago.

i do remember going into Havana and seeing all the magnificent mansions turned into appartment buildings and all the old cars on the road.

I remember seeing a shirt, one shirt in the centre of a store window and went inside asking if they had the shirt in a different size only to be told that was actually the very only shirt they had in the whole store.

In the evening we went to the famous show.

walking into this magnificent building I was in awe at the incredible architecture, the art, magnificent  soring painted ceilings, the beauty of it all but  what was more amazing  is that we walked through some red curtains into what we thought was the theatre and we actually walked outside!  and there in the gardens amongst the trees were all kinds of tables and chairs and people sitting around having drinks and food and the entertainment was everywhere in this tree itgrn the next moment on the stage in the corner the next moment somewhere else. I think it was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had in in show business