All-inclusive hotels were just coming on stream in a variety of ways. One hotel was off offering an all-inclusive breakfast but that turned out to be very expensive for them because they discovered that people were actually filling their pockets and purses with the fruit and the yogurts and that kind of thing and not going to the restaurant for lunch. So the hotel wanted to put an end to that and I was the fall guy for implementing the changes.
This time when I went to the hotel it was full of Italian visitors and they, unfortunately, were two weeks stay and they never ended and finished on the same day so there was always a kind of crossover.
 Having decided that in the middle of one of these two-week vacations I would have to make a change I set about to implement my plans.
Well of course the  Italians were furious with me and let me know it.
The tour leader actually came up to me and gave me a push.  Now I just so happened I was standing on the edge of the pool so into the pool I went. I’ve got to tell you I don’t swim so that was a little traumatic for a while!! However, the next time the new group came in they didn’t know any different and they were quite happy with the new
Breakfast arrangements.

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