On 15th and 16th May, I will be having a booth at The Distillery District Art Show. In case you have not been there yet, The Distillery District is the old Gooderham and Warts place on Mill Street, west of Parliament, south of King. Cobblestone streets, old brick buildings, outdoor cafes and bars with entertainment, expensive shops, and some great galleries. I will be showing my new line of tote bags which are available with your own personal photograph photo-transferred on one side. The bags come in a wide range of sizes and fabrics, are all fully lined, and can have any handle length. You can purchase your bag at the show and email me the picture you want on it. Too late for Mother's day but a great gift for that person who has everything! The t-shirt quilts will also be on display, along with my amber jewelry. As the distillery, in their wisdom, will not be allocating spaces until we arrive, I cannot tell you where my tent will be but the guard at the gate will have a floor plan. Hope to see you there.